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5 Ways to Prepare Your Teens to Lead Happy Lives

5 Ways to Prepare Your Teens to Lead Happy Lives


We can help our children reach their potential, and beyond, by showing them that we believe in them. You can help your child become confident in their abilities by believing in them and constantly reinforcing encouragement.


Make note and encourage their passions

While money can be seen by some as happiness and success, many of the happiest and fulfilled people in the world are those who followed their passions as opposed to a paycheck. It is of utmost importance you fully encourage your kids to follow what they have a passion for or what they are most interested in, after all, whatever they choose now is likely what they will spend the remainder of their working lives doing.

Failure is a good thing

Fear of failure often holds back even the most driven and intelligent people. The notion that if something doesn’t quite work out the way it was planned means that it was a complete failure is a negative mindset to instil in your children. As stated by numerous successful entrepreneurs, failure only leads to success. Without failing, you can’t expect to learn and grow as an individual, whether that is in life or professionally. It is vital you give your kids the confidence to jump out of their comfort zone and that if they fail the first time, they get back up, learn from their mistakes and go on to succeed.


Make learning a lifelong pursuit.

Learning is often seen as an activity you do in the classroom and then stop as soon as you finish. Much of the time for career success, learning needs to be seen as a lifelong journey and not one that ends in school. The classroom mindset, one that promotes goal setting, self-development and new opportunities should be attributed to every stage of life, including the workplace. As parents, you should look to create an environment in which your child can develop a love of learning, self-development and lust for knowledge.


Teach them to be all-around healthy.

Healthy habits are vital for success as adults and kids both. Healthy bodies make healthy minds, and healthy minds see more success. Set boundaries that encourage your kids to get plenty of sleep, eat healthily and be active. Teach good habits by making healthy dinners together, family bike rides or setting aside time for writing in your gratitude journals.


Title 5 Ways to Prepare Your Teens to Lead Happy Lives

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