Future Pathways

Future of Work

Let’s get empowered

Nau mai ki te ao mahi o apopo.

Here’s a bunch of really useful resources and insights to help you navigate the key
considerations for your next steps on your pathway to fast tracking your dream career.
Whether you’re leaving school or wanting to change careers – arm yourself with knowledge so
that by the time you get to the expo, you’re ready to make the most of it!

Future Skills

Skills Builder

A great tool to see where your current skills rank and how you can develop them, master problem solver has a nice ring to it.


One of our largest job databases, they have done the research and know the top terms used in job adverts across New Zealand.

Careers NZ

Resources and videos to help get a better understanding of what skills employers are looking for now and into the future.


A comprehensive job database, allowing you to customise your seach for the right job across New Zealand.

Future Economy

140,000 jobs by 2050

Industry Growth

Tertiary Subjects

Opportunity Sectors

Past Growth

Future Proofed

Good & Co Strengths Quiz

A great set of fun quizzes that put into words how you see the world and how your unique skill set would benefit a huge range of roles across a number of vocational pathways.

Ara Rau Skills and Employment 

Our mates at Ara Rau – Skills and Employment hub are keen to connect with you and keep you updated on events and what’s happening in the Tauranga employment scene.

Just the Job 

Over 300 New Zealand career videos to give you a behind the scenes look at potential future pathways for you.

Rangatahi Futures

Compare your passions, strengths and skills with those of your tupuna. 

Occupation Outlook 

Great tool for exploring career options in New Zealand and comparing information on income, study fees and job prospects.

Career Planning 

International research aimed at highlighting the most important ideas and information you need to lead a high impact career.


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