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How to prepare your kids for career success

How to prepare your kids for career success

If you're a parent, you’ve most likely spent the majority of your kids lives thus far worrying about what’s best for them, if they’re happy and how you can ensure they grow up to have a healthy and successful life. There comes the day when it’s time they decide for themselves what route they want to take in life, and while, ultimately, a lot of your child’s future is out of your control, there are ways to help guide your kids along the right path.


Speak their language, not for them

Prior to them making their next step, it is important to discuss the trials and triumphs of your own job with your children. Let them know what makes you tick and what grinds your gears. Try to help them develop an understanding of the workplace, and how it differs to their schooling. Also introduce them to career lingo. They should know about resumes and cover letters, job applications and interviews, salaries and raises, and so on.


Don’t be pushy

It is important at this stage of deliberation not to be overly ‘pushy’ regarding what profession or career field your child should take. Instead, remind your kids what they do well on a micro level and what their main strengths are. All of these skills and preferences are clues to possible careers. Remember to be broad in your recommendations, for example, if your child displays excellent public speaking skills, don’t just suggest they be a public speaker, instead, recommend that the look into broadcast journalism, acting, being a lawyer, a politician etc.


Leverage Your Network

After you have had the preliminary discussions around what they may want to be when they grow older, leverage the contacts you have made in your years of work. It has been said that the best way to learn about a profession is to talk with real workers of that field, after all, there’s only so much a blog or website can tell you.

Career Expo’s are also an ideal way to develop a much clearer understanding of what certain career fields are comprised of, and what a day in the life of would actually look like. Talking to real people can also enact a much higher sense of enthusiasm and drive toward a future career for your teens, while also on the flip side, may strike a few potentials off the list.


Consider the fact that money and power don’t always lead to happiness

There is a certain stereotype that every parent wants their child to be a doctor or a lawyer. While i’m sure that would be amazing, if your kids don’t have a passion for that field, it may as well be the worst job in the world. You may see a certain path for your child, but always remember to ask yourself, is that career route making them happy, or you happy?

Title How to prepare your kids for career success

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